About us.....

As a busy teacher, I often come home late facing the dilemma of what to cook for dinner!  I was searching for way to create delicious meals with bold flavor without all the "free flowing agents", MSG or other unpronounceable ingredients. With few options available, I decided I needed to create my own!   

After many sample batches Lola's Spices was born!  Lola's Spices comes in three distinct flavors each boasting No Wimpy Flavors!  We have a Cajun, Caribbean, and a Southwest Blend!  We have recently expanded to include quick cooking beans and rice blends and lentils. 

Lola's Spices No Wimpy Flavors seasoning blends are versatile and bold enough to add flavor to any meat, fish, side dish, or vegetable!  ​

We are honored to receive 1st Place at ZestFest 2013 in the Peoples Preference Award in the prepared foods division for Lola's Spices Cajun Seasoning Blend! A big thanks to all those that attended and voted for Lola's Spices NO WIMPY FLAVORS! We appreciate your support!